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Who’d have thought you’d ever get paid for spending your own money? Well, it’s true. You can and here’s how. You can earn money by shopping both online and in store and is always worth checking to see if cashback is available before purchasing anything. Even insurance, phone contracts and much more.

Cashback for Online Purchases

Earn cashback and save money when you shop at over 4600 retailers both online and in-store. Topcashback is the UK’s most generous cashback site and is totally FREE to join. I’ve put TCB at the top of my list as it’s my most favourite.

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To show how lucrative TopCashback can be I’ve added a snapshot of my account overview below. You can see that the total amount of Cash back I have earned to date is almost £800. That’s FREE money on purchases I was already going to make anyway.

To give you an example of how easy it is i’ll list just a few things I have earned money on. I planned a trip to London recently so booked a hotel with which earned me £4.22 cashback. My train tickets via earned me 36p cashback, I changed my TV, Phone and broadband provider last year and through TCB i earned £132.25. I’ve earned cashback with Just Eat, Ebay,  O2, next, M&S and Carphone warehouse but there is so much more. You just need to get into the habit of visiting the TopCashback website before EVERY purchase made to see if cash back is available. If not, there’s no loss.

Other benefits of using TopCashback are:

  • Highest Cashback Guaranteed
  • Up to 105% Commission
  • No minimum payment threshold
  • Free payout at your leisure
  • Payout bonus via selected methods
  • Over 4800 Merchants
  • Fair Play Policy
  • Excellent customer service
  • Optional charity donations

If you like the sound of this you all you need to do is register below and you’ll be set up in just minutes.


Cashback for In-Store Purchases


Shopmium Cashback App is a fantastic free app that can be downloaded on your phone and is extremely easy and convenient to use. This app has an array of offers available at various stores in your local area. Many of these offers mean that you can try products for free or get a special offer that is only available by using the app.

Shopmium also allows gives the user the opportunity to try products and brands that they wouldn’t normally consider purchasing.

How does this Cashback App work?  

Download Shopmium on your iOS or Android device.

The user then creates an account and are ready to start using immediately. As an added bonus available to my readers, by using the following referral code use the offer code AKKEGUCF we both get a little free treat.

The user must ensure that they complete their profile and include their payment preference then they can browse the app to check out what offers are available. It will also give you a map of the local stores. It will explain what products are available and the offer too, some might be a free item, others might be a BOGOF which would only be available on the app and not a general store offer.

It’s also very important to ensure that when picking an item for the offer that the correct product purchased paying close attention to the amount in grams and litres and also flavourings etc. 

How do I claim back the offer?

Claiming back what you paid for the product couldn’t be easier. The user would need to purchase the selected item initially with their own money making sure they keep the receipt very safe. Once home, simply click on the product and then at the bottom will be ‘Request my cashback’. Users will then be required to take a picture of the barcode and then the receipt showing proof of purchase.

The great thing about Shopmium is that you receive your money almost instantly as opposed to other apps where you have to wait until you reach a minimum of £5 before you can withdraw the funds. When I say instantly though, there is a small wait whilst all the necessary checks are being done. All in all, I had all of my money refunded and in my bank within 48 hours.

Offers change quite frequently and all in all, it’s a great app that I highly recommend and use as much as I can.

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