Survey sites are a great way to earn money whilst watching the TV or out and about and on your phone.

Don’t get me wrong, these are not usually a quick fix and will not make you rich any time soon but just a little bit a day will soon mount up over a period of time.

Below are a list of Survey Sites that I personally use and recommend, some of these sites require you to earn points which mount up so that you can ‘cash out’ when you have a certain amount, however, the great thing about these sites is that you can also undertake other takes to earn points such as playing online games, conducting online searches, recommending friends so in some ways it’s easy points and cash.

I find it easier to use a separate/new email address for survey site signups as the invitations can overwhelm your daily inbox and if at any point you want to take a break it’s easier to do so when using a separate email account.

So, below are the survey sites that I recommend, just click on each one to take you to the sign up/register page and start earning today.