What is Couponing?

Couponing is when a ticket or document is exchanged at the checkout point at supermarkets, outlets or online shopping. The coupon you present can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing the item listed on the coupon.In most cases, there are almost always Terms & Conditions to adhere to when using coupons so please ensure you read them carefully to avoid any disappointment at checkout.

Where can I find coupons?

I find that Supersavvyme has a fantastic range of coupons, you will need to download a coupon printer which you will be prompted to do when visiting the site. Coupons are widely distributed through mail, magazines, on packaging, newspapers, E-mails, Internet, Manufactures websites … In fact, coupons can be found in so many different places – you just need to keep an eye out for them everywhere. There are certain websites that you can visit where you can print your own coupons.


Coupons are not always paper form. Look out for E-Vouchers or E-coupons that you can use when shopping online. I would also recommend signing up for the newsletters of your favourite retailers, you will find that most of the time they of a % off your first order when you sign up and will continue to send you their latest offers via E-mail.

What type of coupons are available?

There are so many different types of coupons available this list is never ending but here are a few pointers to help you on your way:

    •  –  Printable coupons: You can normally find these at Supersavvyme and Caring Everyday. Most of the coupons printed from these sites are ‘safe’ coupons which mean they have a unique code on them which stops them from being copied.
    •  –  Free Sample Coupons – You will often get coupons whenever you get or order free samples.
    •  –  Newspaper – Always check local and National Newspapers.

  •  –  Manufacturer Coupons – You could always write to manufacturers direct, I wouldn’t advise sending a complaint letter (unless you genuinely have a complaint) It’s nice for companies to see letters of praise or advising them how much you like a certain product. You can state that you are keen to try other products within their range and ask if they would be kind enough to send you any coupons that you could use, you could write or Email.

Search for companies contact details by looking them up on Google

Below are links of websites where you can print your own coupons. In some cases, you can get them sent through the post.