2020 Goals


It’s a new year, it’s a new decade.

Kick start my YouTube Channel and focus on making some great, informative content to further expand the SavvyMumUK portfolio

Write at a minimum of one blog post a week with broader topics such as home life, family and more money-saving.

Organise my life! I’m 35 and everything’s a mess! My house, my body, my mind it’s time to organise this shizzle. I think once I start organising my home a lot will follow. I feel like when I have a messy house I have a messy mind. So this is a MUST

Healthy living for me and my family. I don’t mind admitting that my lifestyle is shocking. I don’t exercise and I don’t eat healthily. My sugar intake is just embarrassing due to my binge drinking of Full fat coca-cola. I am not setting a good example for my children and of course, if I’m not cooking healthy meals for myself they are not getting them either.

Following on from the above. By summer, I want to have lost a stone.

My last holiday abroad was at least 12-13 years ago. My daughter and partner have never travelled abroad so I want to make it happen this year or at least start have a date and deposit booked.

Sleep! My sleep pattern is appalling. I think this stemmed from when my daughter was younger. The only time I would get to work and concentrate was when she was in bed. Not only that but it would be winding down time for Mark and I and I guess we wanted to make the most of it. This resulted in late nights because they were just so relaxing. I now don’t sleep until around 3/4am. It’s something that I am so used to. Working from home allows me to be very flexible so I guess I need to be more strict on myself.

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