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Using Coupons & Discount Codes to reduce your spend

What is couponing?

Couponing is a term used when a ticket or document is exchanged at a checkout point at shops, supermarkets, outlets and in some cases online in the form of a discount code.

The coupon you present can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing the item listed on the coupon. There are usually always Terms and Conditions to adhere to when using coupons and codes so it’s always worth reading through them fully before using them. This just also saves any embarrassment and delay at the checkout if the coupons is refused for not meeting the T’s & C’s.

Where can I find Coupons?

Coupons are becoming extremely difficult to find. An increase in coupon fraud hasn’t helped this situation and this is why I will always advise playing by the rules. Stick to T’s & C’s, purchase the product on the coupon and absolutely DO NOT photocopy coupons.

There are still coupons available if you look hard enough. It really helps if you have access to a printer so you can print your own coupons. Before you download and print coupons you may be promoted to install the ‘coupon printer’ add-on/programme which is perfectly safe and takes just a few seconds. You will not be able to print your coupons without that download

Google Search

Google Search

To find online and printable coupons I would first start with a simple Google search. I often search for the coupon keywords such as “Print Coupon” or “Download Coupon”. The results should show any websites who have these phrases which could indicate a coupon is available. Tip: By adding inverted commas before and after your words in Google Search it will search for the exact phrase within those commas

Tip: By adding inverted commas before and after your words in Google Search it will search for the exact phrase within those commas

Search Social Media

Search Social Media

Coupon Websites

Coupon Websites

Finally, I bob over to my favourite dedicated coupon sites. These used to be swarming with coupons but as mentioned previously these are now very limited.

Writing to manufacturers

Writing to manufacturers

This has also been a proven success for me in the past. Make a list of the brands you want to contact. I personally like to write them a letter and will often look for a Freepost address on the company website or usually on the packaging of the brands’ products. If there is no Freepost address I will drop them an email instead (usually found on the company website) or use the ‘contact us’ section on their website.

People often think that a complaint is needed in order to receive coupons. I am very much against people complaining falsely in hope of being compensated, however, if a genuine complaint is necessary then do get in touch with the brand or manufacturer so that can be made aware of your dissatisfaction and would possibly compensate you for your genuine complaint.

Companies like to hear when they are doing well too, consumer feedback is always welcome, tell them what you like about their products, why you like them maybe even offer some suggestions for new products. This is a gamble and may or may not receive coupons or samples in return. Further to this, you could directly ask if they have any coupons or sample products for you to try. Explain that you are want to try more products in their range or would like to sample their newest range of products.

Experiment and see what works for you, let me know in the comments below if you have any success.

Magazines, leaflets & Newspapers

Magazines, leaflets & Newspapers

In particular in-store magazines such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Boots usually all have coupons in their store magazines. I usually pick these up before I start my shop and have a quick look through and scan them at the end of my shopping. Local, national and free newspapers are also a good source for coupons.

Discount Codes

Discount codes are like a virtual coupon and can be used against online purchases. These are very popular and are replacing the traditional coupon.

Vouchercloud is brilliant as an app on your phone as it will alert you to an offer whenever it registers that you are near an outlet that has an offer on, this includes restaurants and bars also.


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