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Boursin & Tomato Pasta Dish


Serves 2-4

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Prep Time:  10 Minutes.        Cook Time: 25 minutes


1. Pre-heat your oven to 200 °  (400F) 

2. Place your 2 Boursin Cheese blocks in the centre of your baking tray but spaced apart.

3. Surround the cheese with your tomatoes and drizzle with Olive oil and add your seasoning.

4. Bake at  200 ° for 25 minutes or until the tomatoes are well cooked and wilted. At this point your cheese should be hot and melted. It’s OK if your cheese has started to melt into your tomatoes.

5. Whilst your cheese and tomatoes are baking, use this time to cook your paster in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of your chosen pasta.

6. When you remove the tray from the oven, Mix the cheese and tomato and then stir in your cooked and drained pasta, continue to mix until fully combined. You can add some reserved pasta water to the mixture if you feel it is too thick/sticky. 

7. Serve & Enjoy!

Boursin pasta dish

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